Canyon Creek Bar & Frill: Texas Frito Pie & Nacho Dog

6603 Westcott St
Houston, TX 77007
Washington Corridor
(713) 864-5885
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It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to dedicate to posting on here. It’s not that I haven’t been eating, cause trust me I have. Hopefully I won’t go too long before the next post.

Had a chance to meet my beautiful wife for lunch. We decided on Canyon Creek. She’d been here before but it was for a happy hour with co-workers. Parking is not plentiful here so plan your visit or you’ll be parking down the street, which isn’t horrible cause it’s not right off the main road. Luckily for us this spot is more popular after work hours so when we arrived shortly after 11:30 there were but two other people there. I like the setting. Lots of personality and charm. Lots of art and memorabilia on the walls. Not sure what it is about that kind of stuff but I like it. It adds character to a place when done properly.

So when you come in you order at the bar. They have menus up there and when you decide on what you want, you tell them and then you pay and have a seat. I like the “pay up front” deal cause when I’m done, I can leave and not have to wait for someone to bring my check, pick it up and then return. The one thing I don’t like is if I want another drink I have to pay again. I guess you can start a tab but as someone who really only drinks soft drinks for lunch it seems a bit weird. But that’s not that big of a deal unless there’s a long line at the bar to order.

The food did take a little bit to show, seeing as we were one of the first there and order, but it helps to have good company. At first my plate seemed small but looked really good. I never thought about putting sour cream on my Frito Pie, but I have to admit, it was a pretty tasty addition. The jalapeños were also a nice extra flavor kick. Overall it was a tasty meal and filled me up plenty. One thing that I was worried about when I got the bowl was that all the yummy toppings would run out as I made my way down. But they managed to make sure that there was chili, cheese and sour cream all the way to the last bite. I appreciate that greatly.

Also had a chance to drink some St. Arnold’s Root Beer. Very tasty and flavorful. This was my first time trying this one out. The only thing is that they didn’t have any cold and ready, but gave me a cup with ice. I prefer drinking my root beer cold and from the bottle or can just like my sodas, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

My wife was kind enough to let me get a taste if her plate. She cut a piece off of her hotdog and gave me a nacho chip. Very tasty dog. And very messy so if you don’t like getting dirty when you eat, use the fork provided. The bread is a pretzel bread which was different that I’m used to for a hotdog but still great. The dog itself is thick, plenty of meat to fill the craving. She also let me taste the onion ring that came with it. Not big on onion rings but I have to admit I really like the batter they used. It doesn’t flake off or run. It really stuck to the onion and it didn’t feel like the onion was ready to escape it’s cover after the first couple of bites.

Overall the place was great and I do see myself coming back and trying some of the other intriguing items on their menu. The service was friendly. Check it out if you have some time and around the area. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Heard the after work hours is pretty hopping too.



















The Hobbit Cafe: Smaug’s Delight

2243 Richmond
Houston, Texas 77098
Phone: (713) 526 – 5460

Was recently enticed to a new spot here in town. When I first heard about it I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid we would be underground with a circular door that I could barely fit through. But that all changed when I opened up their menu online. Everything looked so tasty. I did get a little excited about it. That’s just me though, food excites me. We got there a little before noon and it wasn’t too packed but the parking wasn’t the best. A friend told us that the burgers were great. However, I am trying to eat a little better and I had just started, so I didn’t want to spoil it already. So I only went half bad. I ordered a Smaug’s Delight which is turkey, cheese, avocado and tomato and a side of fries. And I got the slim version to help as well. When our food I was glad I got the slim. The portion size was pretty abundant. And there must have been an excess of avocado cause they loaded it up! I couldn’t believe how much was in there and falling off. The turkey and cheese was delicious. Not quite sure what kid of cheese they put on there, but it was great. And if you love avocado this is your place. Cause apparently the load you up on it as my wife’s burger also had it falling off. There were a few bites that were overwhelmed by the avocado but nothing too bad. I just couldn’t taste any of the turkey and cheese and it was like eating an avocado sandwich. The fries were as tasty as they looked. Probably could have just had a basket of these with some cheese. Everything tasted really fresh as well. Overall the place itself is not the nicest building but it does have some character which was nice. The service was great and had a real small town feel to it. If you’re around the area I definitely recommend hitting up this place. I hope to visit here again when I’m not watching what I eat too closely. Think I’m gonna do an appetizer and a nice burger.







Victor’s Casa Garcia Mexican Restaurant – Shrimp Enchiladas

1939 N Fry Rd
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 578-6450

It’s not often I feed a Mexican restaurant that I really like. We’ve passed by Victor’s several times and we always say that we are gonna stop there, but never do. So one day we finally decide to. And I must admit I am a little sad that we hadn’t done sooner. We have only been there twice but both have been great.

We started off with the chips and salsa that they bring you to begin with. I really liked both the salsas that they have there to offer. Usually I only like one or the other, but I can eat both the green and the red. We also ordered a queso dip which also was quite tasty. Now this time around we didn’t order a guacamole, but we got a small one our previous time. This “small” was bigger than most large guacamoles at other restaurants and also very tasty. It doesn’t have any extras in it, just avacados mashed up into yumminess.

I decided to give the shrimp enchiladas a try and I was not disappointed. Very, very good. Loved the sauces used and the rice and beans complimented it very well. Plenty of shrimp used and it’s a nice portion, especially if you’re like me and get full off of the chips and salsa to begin with. So far, I have not been disappointed at this place and we do plan on returning.

Gatorade: G Series

As a professional athlete…… semipro athlete……. amateur athlete……. as someone who loves to run around outside, I’m always looking for anything to help me keep going. I’ve seen the commercials, and I’ve heard my friends mention it on the posts so I decided to give it a go.

First, let me say that I love Gatorade. Not just because of how it works on re-hydrating your body, but I just love the taste. It’s so yummy. I’m a big fan of tangy drinks, so I could drink this all day if I could. Now that we’ve got that important piece of information out of the way, I decided to give the pre and post stuff a go.

I had no clue what to expect on either one. On the pre-game drink it says to take it 15 minutes before you play, so I stored it in ice water while I waited to chug it down. When it came time to do so, I tore up the package very easily and it went down the hatch. I have to admit, this stuff is pretty tasty! It’s like concentrated Gatorade. Love it! Even tangier than the regular sports drink. I think I wish the pouch was a little bigger. Definitely thumbs up for me. I’m not sure if it’s me getting in better shape and losing weight or the drink that helped, or maybe both, but I did feel energized out on the field. I honestly wish I had it a week before when I had to play the full game except for one 15 minute sub. I felt good, that first game, and so it’s got me sold on it so far. I’ve played about 4 games so far using this, and all the times I never felt exhausted while being out on the field.

The post game stuff, well, it wasn’t so tasty. Was less tangier than the normal sports drink and had a weird taste to it outside of the normal flavor. It was just weird and I was not a fan. I have never had a problem with my post game stuff, so this was not a sale for me. No thanks. I’d rather just make me a shake or something. To be honest the only thing I want to do after a match is eat. Cause I’m usually starving after them.

Hubcap Grill (Heights Location): Triple Heart Clogger, Frito Pie Burger and Country Fries

1133 W 19th , Houston, TX 77008
PHONE: 713-862-0555
MON – THU 11am – 9pm / FRI & SAT 11am – 10pm
I’ve seen the pictures and heard people talk about this place, so I decided I needed to check this place out for my self. The pictures I’ve seen of these crazy burgers really caught my attention. The wife and I decided to make a date out of this place and a movie after.  I didn’t know what to expect from this place, cause most pics I would see would just be food. It’s a small joint, nothing fancy. It’s not the best of times to go when it’s hot, cause most seating is outside, and even the small room that has inside seating is quite warm. Probably best to wait till the sun goes down or maybe in the fall when the weather cools off, if you’re not a fan of the heat. 
We decided we would order two burgers and an order of fries and split it all between us two. That way I’d get to taste more than one. After a little indecision we decided on the Triple Heart Clogger the Frito Pie Burger and an order of Country Fries. And of course we finished it all off with two cokes. The fries were good. Can’t go wrong with Bacon and gravy. Very tasty. I could probably eat those by themselves. The Triple heart clogger was pretty good. The wiener and Bacon is what made it good. I felt like there wasn’t enough cheese on it. It seemed a little dry. I’m think another slice or two of cheese would have topped it off very nice. The Frito Pie burger was just that. Tasted just like a Frito Pie. I didn’t even really taste the patty in it. Here’s the thing about these burgers. The patty itself is nothing special. What makes this place is the specialty burgers, because I think if I were to just get a regular burger, I wouldn’t really be impressed. Not enough to drive all the way into town for, that’s for sure. But I would definitely like to go back and try more of their other burgers and fries. They have quite a bit to choose from on their menu so there is more to bring you back, that’s for sure.

Snapple: Lemonade / Ice Tea – Half n’ Half

I’m one of those people that loves to browse at all the different food and drinks on every isle in the grocery store. I’m always up for trying new things and especially something that’s supposed to taste good and be healthy. I’m always trying to bring new and different drinks home to try and my wife is always so nice to remind me that I have about ten of them sitting in the fridge that I haven’t opened yet. So, I took the hint and decided it was time to try and clean some of those out.

I’ve always been a fan of the Lemonade and Ice Tea combination. Always tasty, always refreshing. Then I see this little treasure here from Snapple, who makes some pretty tasty drinks, and my eyes open a little wide when I see “10 Calories Per Bottle”. No way! Well, that’s what they’re saying here. So this time, I decided to take it a little different and asked three other of my friends to try it with me. It was pretty clear from all of them that it was really tasty, but the after taste was what ruined this. Artificial sweeteners tend to do that to drinks. I wish someone could make an artificial sweetener that tastes just as good as sugar and yet not have any side effects or after taste. I would like to enjoy a healthy and tasty drink without growing an extra toe.

But, if you don’t mind a little after taste and are looking to find a good tasting drink without the guilt of a lot of calories, then this just might be the drink for you!

Fuddruckers – Buffalo Burger

25407 Bell Patna Dr
Katy, TX 77494
(281) 644-7616

It’s usually a no-brainer what to get when I go to Fuddrucker’s. Two thirds burger, fries and a drink. Nothing special, nothing too hard to remember. But this time around I decided to get something a little different. I decided to try their Buffalo Burger. No, this isn’t a burger with wing sauce, it’s made from buffalo….. like the animal. I know that buffalo is leaner than cow, so I decided why not give it a shot, just to see how it tastes. Sometimes I find that you have to sacrifice the taste a little for the health benefits. That’s not quite the case with this one.
You can see that the meat is a little different in appearance and in texture, but not by much.  This burger is just as tasty as the regular beef ones. Besides that, I got all the good stuff as usually on my burger, or should I say to join my beautiful burger. A lake of honey mustard to dip my fries in. Although this particular Fuddrucker’s didn’t have the usualy honey mustard I was used to. They seem to have switched it up. Maybe it’s just this one, or maybe they’ve made the switch on all the restaurants. It’s now all the same brand all across the board. I liked the old stuff better. I’m hoping it’s just this spot, and it’s only for a limited time. Guess only time will tell on that. And besides my honey mustard, my mound of jalapenos. Most people look at me like crazy when they see all of that, especially my jalapenos. Like, “Who can eat all those?”. Well, I’m sure my end shot of my plate will let you know the answer to that question.

So if you’re thinking about trying the buffalo burger, it’s a green light from me. I’m thinking next time around I’m gonna try that ostrich burger. Them things are mean, so I’m not gonna feel bad about eating one.

Boudro’s On the River Walk – Costillas de Res

421 E Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 224-8484

On a trip to San Antonio we were walking down the River Walk and and decided to just take a stab at something totally new and different to us. We came upon a spot called Boudro’s. Now when I chose this place I didn’t know it was as fancy as it was on the inside. I did feel a little under dressed with my khaki shorts and t-shirt, but oh well. We got seated right away and our waiter came and took our drinks as well as appetizer order. Shortly after that we got our appetizer the guacamole for two. I was actually quite impressed on how quickly he came out. Now this guacamole is freshly prepared next to your table. I had my back to him, so my wife had to help me with the photo of him. I also might add that it’s dim inside so it’s hard to take great pics in there of the food without it looking slightly grainy. The chips were in this funnel like object that was lined with paper to help form the cone in which they sat in. The guac was excellent. Very, very tasty. We were actually tempted to order another, that’s how much we liked it. My wife was scraping it out with her spoon. The chips were good and thick, helping scoop the guacamole easier. This is almost a must if you ever visit this spot.

Had I known how long our food would take to get to us, I would have most certainly asked for another order of guac. After a while of waiting time, we finally got our food. I had ordered the Costillas de Res (Beef Ribs) and was a little surprised at how they were prepared. It almost looked like a soup to me. I thought maybe they brought out the wrong thing, but I could see the ribs there, so I just assumed that it was just a fancy preparation. Here is pretty much with the description said on the menu: Braised beef shortribs “osso buco” style, with vegetable chilaquiles, butternut squash and orange guajillo pan jus. Of course some of that seemed a little foreign to me, but sounded interesting. I must admit my first bite, I was not impressed and was beginning to regret ordering this and even coming in here to eat. But as I continued to eat and was tasting more and more of the different flavors here I began to like it more and more. The meat was so tender and juicy just falling off the bones. The tortillas and veggies mixed very well with the beef to round out the flavor. I might have wanted a little bit of more of the white cheese on top, but other than that, it was pretty tasty.

My wife had ordered the Chicken Breast Chop Pan Seared with Rosemary. She’s all about the chicken and rosemary so it was no surprise there. I did manage to taste a little bit of it. The chicken was tasty, but the bed of guac rice was not so much for me. I’m not sure what else they put in it, but something was not hitting well for me. But again, that was after just one taste of it.

Overall the food was pretty good. I would recommend this place if you’re looking to try something really different and or fancy as well on the Riverwalk. If you do decided to check  this place out, you must have the guacamole for two. You will not regret it.



Homemade Surf & Turf

As much as I love to eat out and try new spots, we do love to cook at home as well. I feel like I should really start including more and more of my wife’s homemade stuff on here, because she’s a great cook. I love to cook too, especially when it comes to grilling. Now, I would call myself a grill master, because most of the time I’m experimenting and trying new things out there, but it’s all fun to me. Not too long ago my wife and I decided to grill out and we were in the grocery store and we saw these prepackaged filets wrapped in bacon. I’m usually not a fan of the prepackaged meats, but I thought why not. I try to at least try food at least once before saying no to it. All I had in mind was steaks, but my wife was like, “Why don’t we just make a big meal out of it, with some shrimp and maybe some potatoes”. Who am I to argue with my wife, right? We picked up some Kroger brand shrimp, steamed corn and some potatoes to round off the meal.

Now to stay as true as possible to the prepackaged meat, I didn’t marinate them at all. All I did was add just a little bit of seasoning to help out, but that was it. I wanted to see how well they stood on their own. After getting the shrimp skewered and meat prepped it was time to hit the grill. I started of with the steaks first, cause I knew we wouldn’t be cooking the shrimp for long at all. I love watching meat being grilled. I love the smell of it as well. I don’t mind gas grills, but there is just something about having the charcoal smell and taste that I just love so much. You just don’t get that smoked flavor on the gas grills and I just happen to love that so much. They steaks cooked very well. The only bacon that came off was the one that we didn’t have a tiny skewer for, but that wasn’t too big of a deal, because I just threw it on top so the juices would just fall all over it.

You wish, Dunder….. you wish.

As I was working the grill, my wife was working the stove. We are a tag team unit and we love it that way. Before you knew it, it was all done and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it all. I must say, I was very impressed in the quality of the steaks. Still very juicy and tasty. It went great with our shrimp, potato and corn. So delicious. I will not hesitate to buy prepackaged meat in the future. Thumbs up from me.


Casa Rio

430 E Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 225-6718 Rio! I swear this place needs an anthem or song, and I keep singing the name but with the “Copa Cabana” tune. I don’t know why, I’m just weird like that. But that’s not why we’re here. Not going to go on again about how much I love San Antonio, but this place is a great spot to eat at, along side the river walk. I love eating along the river walk. Something about a beautiful sunny day with the sound of the water and and ambient chatter. Love it! I even made a little friend out there that loved eating chips. Anyway, lets get to the yummy food.

Of course, it being a Mexican restaurant, we have to have the chips and salsa! It’s one of my favorite parts when I do go to a Mexican Restaurant. Yum. These do not disappoint. Nice and thick chips to pick up as much or as little salsa as you want. Very tasty salsa I might add! And they also have regular cups for the water drinkers here. Ten point bonus! Guess it would only matter if I had a point system, huh?

I got the Crunchy Chicken tacos. Tasty and they put plenty of chicken in there for me. I love it when places aren’t stingy with their meat. (Heeyooo!) Beware, they can get a little messy once you start eating it, but I don’t mind that too much when it comes to food.

My wife got the beef soft tacos. They were also pretty tasty, but they come plain so make sure you ask for guac, sour cream and anything else you might like, if they don’t bring it to you. They bring out a Santa Ana sauce that’s pretty good and not spicy at all, so don’t worry about it if you’re sensitive to that. The beans and rice were okay, nothing to write home about.

If anything it’s worth just to have some good Mexican food with a great atmosphere and scenery. This place can get packed sometimes, so beware the long lines around lunch time. You’ve been warned!