Tostada Regia: Tacos Estilo Trompo

6747 Airline Dr
Houston, TX77076
Phone number (713) 884-8881

This little spot is not far away from my parents’ house and they’ve mentioned it quite a bit before. So when they asked where we wanted to eat, I said, why not try this one out. Before I get to the food, I gotta talk about how packed this place is. I know that’s usually a good sign, and normally it doesn’t bother me, but there were times when I would look inside and customers had left but no one was cleaning the tables so the empty tables sat there as well as all the customers outside waiting to be seated. I would think you would want to get your customers inside as soon as you could. I know you can’t serve them right away but have someone seat them and put some chips and salsa out and you’re golden for a little bit in my book. But that unfortunately was NOT the case here today and it was a bit frustrating to see this happening and feel my stomach growling.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you right now why this place is packed. The food is great. It’s that simple. I had the Tacos Estilo Trompo and was not disappointed at all. Very tasty and enough to fill the appetite. Came with some beans, which were also delicious and some onions and cilantro. I soon found the salsa, which was hidden in the ketchup squirt bottle. It went great with the tacos and added just the right kick to them. Their salsas were good too, but I’m more of the fan of the green salsa, for sure.

If this place can pick up on the service part of their business, it would be perfection for good Mexican food. But none the less, it’s still a GREAT place to get the craving satisfied. Maybe try to find a time where they’re not too busy.

Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-42-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-44-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-48-PM Photo-Feb-15,-4-58-53-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-12-08-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-06-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-10-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-16-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-18-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-21-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-29-26-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-37-14-PM Photo-Feb-15,-5-37-18-PM

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Bacon & Cheese Double Steak Burger

24433 Katy Frwy
Ste 100
Katy, TX77494
(281) 394-2002

First time to Freddy’s and it was a hit! From the super friendly service that we got, to the great burgers! Their fries are a bit small for my taste, but they pile them on, and that’s okay in my book. They have so many choices on their menu that I know I will definitely be back here. Burger was a good size and it filled me up, with all those fries. Everything tasted great! Even their special sauce is a great mix and I love it with my fries. I also love their ice, or as we call it “Sonic Ice”. And then the custard, oh so smooth and so tasty! Overall a great experience here! They even came around to pick up our empty trays and trash. It definitely didn’t have a fast food vibe here, and it exceeded my expectations. I see Freddy’s becoming a staple in burgers in our family, for sure. If you’ve never tried this spot before, I absolutely recommend it! You’re missing out if you don’t! Photo-Feb-14,-12-00-03-PM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-45-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-48-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-54-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-14-57-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-15-08-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-37-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-43-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-17-55-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-18-20-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-21-34-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-21-48-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-10-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-24-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-51-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-22-55-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-44-42-AM Photo-Feb-14,-11-44-46-AM


Victor’s Casa Garcia Mexican Restaurant: Nachos

1939 N Fry Rd
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 578-6450

Honestly, as I was editing these photos, my mouth started to water, so you know these nachos are good. I want some so bad. I swear, so far, Victor’s has not disappointed. Every time we come here, it’s always good food and good service. I love eating nachos, as you may have noticed, and these nachos did not disappoint at all. Full of ground beef, refried beans and cheese and with some jalapeños, it’s just the perfect combination. It’s plenty to fill up that belly as well, cause you know you’re already full of chips and salsa anyway. If you haven’t seen my previous post about Victor’s and you’re debating on checking this place out, please don’t debate…. just go.

Photo-Feb-07,-12-47-45-PM Photo-Feb-07,-12-47-54-PM Photo-Feb-07,-12-48-02-PM

Pappy’s Cafe: Fish & Chips

9041 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024
Phone number (713) 827-1811

Back here again? So soon? Yes! Good food, is good food and Pappy’s doesn’t disappoint. At least, they have yet to disappoint, that’s for sure. This time around I was torn between a burger or the fish & chips, but decided to go with the ladder of the two. I wasn’t disappointed in my decision. The batter was great and the fish was delicious. The fries were also great and tasty. Service was still great for our group this time, even though the guy at the front seemed to question that my party was parking and on it’s way in. Don’t think he really believed me when I told him that, cause I had some friends joining me that day. But other than that, service was great as before. And yes, I will be back to try more for their menu, so don’t be too shocked if you see some later on down the road!

Photo-Jan-16,-11-49-57-AM Photo-Jan-16,-11-50-11-AM Photo-Jan-16,-11-50-20-AM

Lenny’s Subs: BLT

19859 Katy Fwy
Suite D
Houston, TX77094
(281) 578-1900

Every now and then I like me a good sub. We’ve never tried out Lenny’s and since we were literally next door and hungry, we decided to give it a try. The menu was great and had quite a bit of variety, but I decided to try out their BLT. I was a little weirded out at their sizes. 5 inch, 7 and a half and 10. Seem a bit odd to have a 7 and a half inch sub. What do they do with the rest of the 10 inches? Yes, I know I’m weird for even thinking that, but I’m weird. Anyway, the sandwich was good. I prefer the softer bread like Subway’s bread, but this was still great. Loved the that the Bacon was not the think flimsy stuff you find at Subway or other places. I also love me a good bag of Kettle chips to go with my sandwich, and these did not disappoint. I will gladly be back to try out some of their other sandwiches for sure.

Photo-Apr-02,-6-06-53-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-08-36-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-15-42-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-15-45-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-15-50-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-15-53-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-15-58-PM Photo-Apr-02,-6-16-21-PM

Spaghetti Warehouse: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

901 Commerce St
Houston, TX77002
(713) 229-9715

We come here at least once a year and this time around I decided to go with the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I’ve read a review that said that the chicken tasted like it came out of package, but I don’t think that was the case for my order. It was tasty, and the salad was great as well. Tasted very fresh for me, so not sure if they just got a bad batch or not. I also got a chance to taste my wife’s lasagna which was an added little bonus. We also had an order the the Spinach Artichoke Dip, which I’m always happy to get cause it’s so tasty. They only problem with that is I always feel like there’s not enough bread. :)

Photo-Jan-06,-5-59-07-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-20-14-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-20-20-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-33-25-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-33-35-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-33-44-PM Photo-Jan-06,-6-33-47-PM

Red Robin: Secret Nachos

22455 Highway 249
Houston, TX77070
(281) 251-7033

It’s hard to beat a good burger and of course BOTTOMLESS FRIES! Even though I don’t usually find myself eating more than what is served. One time I actually got a refill on those. I was quite proud of myself. My stomach wasn’t too happy after a while, but still, I was proud. But anyway, the good food is what keeps us coming back here, and most of the time I do find myself grabbing a burger. But this time, this time was going to be different. For this time…. I knew a secret.

Wasn’t long before our visit here when I had read somewhere online about their nachos. I thought to myself, “Nachos? I’ve never seen that on the menu. Maybe it’s a new plate for them”. But when I sat and looked over the menu, again, it wasn’t there this time. So I asked our waiter if they did have nachos and he said “yes, we do.” Done deal, serve’em up! I was not disappointed. The amount of nachos on this plate is more than enough to satisfy me. I don’t think I finished every bite, but it wasn’t from lack of wanting to. Lots of cheese, meat and fresh jalapeños on there with tomatoes and onions, makes for a great and tasty nacho plate. It also helped that we had some chips and salsa and I added a little to them and that added some flavor.

So if you find yourself at a Red Robin and want something a bit different from the burgers there, order yourself a plate of nachos.

Photo-Dec-20,-6-17-32-PM Photo-Dec-20,-6-17-36-PM Photo-Dec-20,-6-17-50-PM Photo-Dec-20,-6-18-01-PM Photo-Dec-23,-6-03-07-PM Photo-Dec-23,-6-03-12-PM Photo-Dec-23,-6-03-26-PM

Las Delicias Mexicanas (Mexican Candy Store)

1777 Airline Dr Ste D
Houston, TX77009
(713) 426-6700

This is just going to be a short and sweet post to let my people in the Houston Area know about this awesome Mexican Candy store. If you can think of any candy that you love from Mexico, chances are they have it here. I went there looking for Lucas Gusano, and I was NOT disappointed. Came back with a bag full of candy to snack on. I’ll definitely be back here for sure. Only problem is that they have weird hours, but I’ll still make time to go.

Photo-Dec-23,-11-47-37-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-47-40-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-47-55-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-51-44-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-51-49-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-52-00-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-52-03-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-52-11-AM Photo-Dec-23,-11-52-17-AM

Pappy’s Cafe: Crab Cakes Étouffée

9041 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024
Phone number (713) 827-1811

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past this place and never looked twice. It’s not the fanciest looking spot from the outside, maybe that’s why? But one day I met my wife and her co-workers here, and I’m so glad I did. They had a special dish named the Crab Cakes Étouffée that was only for a limited of time, so I had to try that. Everything about this dish was great. The smells, the flavors. Oh the flavors! If you love crab cakes and étouffée you can not go wrong here. Fries were also delicious and even the corn was good!

I’ve been to this place twice, and have not been disappointed. Honestly, can’t wait to back here again and try something else out!

Photo-Dec-12,-12-41-22-PM Photo-Dec-12,-12-41-26-PM Photo-Dec-12,-12-41-30-PM Photo-Dec-12,-12-41-35-PM Photo-Dec-12,-12-41-41-PM

Buffalo Grille: Caesar Salad

1301 S Voss Rd
Houston, TX77057
(713) 784-3663

I usually love this place but I recently went and got the Caesar Salad and I must admit it was quite disappointing. I’ve been here before and the food is good, especially their breakfast, but I would NOT recommend this plate.

It looked pretty good when they brought it to me. But that was about it, unfortunately. They used some of the base/thick parts of the lettuce and they were cut really big which made it hard to chew. The dressing didn’t really taste like any Caesar dressing that I’ve had before. Didn’t really taste like Caesar dressing at all. Usually the croutons make up for it, but sadly not even that helped. The croutons were the worst and left a bad taste in my mouth. I couldn’t even finish it, even though I was starving. I had to eat some of my friend’s fries with ketchup to help cover up the after taste.

Again, usually I have great experiences here, but this was not one of those times. Hopefully, the next time I have to report on Buffalo Grille, it’ll be something more to that liking than this.

Photo-Apr-01,-11-59-15-AM Photo-Apr-01,-11-59-18-AM Photo-Apr-01,-11-59-24-AM