Wienerschnitzel: Blue Cheese and Bacon & BBQ Bacon

2407 N Main St
Roswell, NM 88201
www.wienerschnitzel.comI know I remember seeing this around her in the Houston-Metro area, so I recognized the W when I saw it. I have never thought to stop and try one of these, and I’m sorry to say that after eating this. Not sure what made me stop here on our road trip. We weren’t trying to target fast food chains, but I guess I just felt like eating a hotdog and I’ve never had a dog from here. So why not right? So we order two dogs and some curly fries. Blue Cheese and Bacon and then also the BBQ Bacon dog. I’m not really the type of person to put a lot of stuff on his hotdog. I keep it simple. Chili, cheese and maybe some mustard and ketchup when I feel like it. Not that I wouldn’t want more stuff on there, but usually when I’m eating hotdogs I’m at home and I don’t have time to play chef with a coupe dogs. I gotta say, I was quite impressed with these. Great taste from the both of them, but I think the Blue Cheese and Bacon edged out the BBQ Bacon. Something about Blue Cheese and Bacon that blend so well. It was hard to decide which ones to get, cause I’ve never experienced this before. Oh who am I kidding, the Bacon ones were getting picked. The curly fries were also tasty. But as someone who loves fries, it’s hard for me not to like fries. I mean, you’d have to mess them up pretty bad for me not to like them. Seriously.They service was nice here, everyone I spoke to seemed polite with their service. It was pretty fast to get out, but then again we were the only ones there. I would totally visit another one of these just to try out more of the food on their menus. But unfortunately I’d have to travel a bit to do that. Maybe they’ll make their way back to our area soon.

Photo-Aug-14,-11-34-06-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-34-20-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-34-25-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-38-41-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-38-53-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-38-58-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-39-03-AM Photo-Aug-14,-11-39-06-AM

Backstreet Grill: Backstreet Nachos & Quesadillas

1919 Old Town Rd. NW
Suite 6
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Old Town

People of Albuquerque New Mexico and surrounding areas!!! You have a GEM here!!!!! GOTTA EAT MORE, is what my GEM stands for. I literally just made that up as I was typing, just go with it. We ate quite a few places during our road trip, and THIS is by fare my favorite place. The staff were all genuine and nice, it was in a little area perfect for shopping. Nice inside and out. It was a perfect day to sit outside as well. Heck, even the restrooms were nice! And the food, oh the food. Let me tell you about the food.

We ordered table side, guac to start off. My wife ordered the Quesadillas and Guac (she likes guacamole) and I ordered the Backstreet Nachos. Our server was super nice and friendly and was easy to talk to about our travels. I told her I would be writing this entry, but not sure if she even remembers us cause it’s been a while. I forget her name, sad to say, but she was awesome and I hope she sees this. The table side guacamole was great. I love that they put cheese on everything. Give me more! Love the chips too, perfect for scooping salsa and guac. My wife’s quesadillas were tasty as well. Lots of cheese and chicken. They aren’t greedy with their ingredients. And I’m okay with that. Now the Nachos… oh the nachos. How wonderful those nachos were. And man did they pile those nachos up! So tasty. That pulled pork works wonders with the cheese, hatch green chile and relish that the put on there. My only regret is going in there not starving. I’m ashamed to say that I could NOT finish this plate. Yes, I did have plenty of salsa, quac and chips but that’s still no excuse. Unfortunately I could not take a to-go box since we were traveling and no where near our next hotel.

If I ever pass through Albuquerque again, you better believe I’m stopping here. I want to try everything on this menu! This is a MUST if you’re here. Don’t take my word for it, look at the pictures! I’m drooling looking at them.

Photo-Aug-14,-3-13-53-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-16-17-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-20-44-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-26-19-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-28-39-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-30-03-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-30-42-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-31-24-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-31-40-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-14-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-24-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-30-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-38-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-43-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-32-48-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-34-16-PM Photo-Aug-14,-3-34-19-PM Photo-Aug-14,-4-03-53-PM

Rocky’s Burgers Super Dog Drive In

606 S Dallas Ave
Lamesa, TX 79331 

No longer Spurlock’s Super Dog Drive In, this little spot in LaMesa, TX can be quickly overlooked. I know LaMesa is not a big town to begin with, but the road this place is at is a bit lonely. In fact when we drove by it, we thought it was closed. No cars, no lights, no one in the windows. Place looks like it can use quite a few touch ups as well. But we stopped, just to make sure. Of course we also almost drove by because we were looking for Spurlock’s. But according to our host, it’s been Rocky’s for about 2 years and counting now.So, I got myself a cheeseburger with fries and a super dog. The burger was tasty, the bread was nice. Fries were fresh cut and tasty as well. Really reminded me a lot of Sonic to be honest. The corn dog was nice. Told me the batter is hand made. Definitely tasted handmade and freshly fried, nothing from a box.  Not a bad little spot if you’re passing through. I can’t say that it was super special or special tasting, but if you’re looking for something besides the big corp franchises in town, definitely a nice little change.Photo-Aug-13,-5-18-14-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-22-20-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-22-32-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-37-24-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-37-47-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-38-05-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-43-09-PM Photo-Aug-13,-5-44-26-PM

Venison World: Buffalo Jerky

Hwy 83 at Hwy 87
Eden, Texas 76837
Fax 325-869-7220

You know what I like almost as much as I like meat? Dried meat. I only wish it wasn’t so expensive! But there is a price to pay for good food, I suppose. On our road trip out West, we stopped in Eden, Texas for some gas, and it just happened to be in the same spot as Venison World. Gas and meat. One stop shop. It’s a nice little spot, well kept on the inside. Don’t be scared away by the deer protecting the shop, he’s actually quite friendly. Quiet little fellow. They not only have jerky in here, they also have gear, lotions, jams, etc. But that’s not what I was interested in. They do offer samples so you can try some of them before you make a decision on what to get. I decided on the buffalo jerky this time around. Good stuff, not too dry and the spices were great. If you’re ever passing by this little spot, do stop by and check it out. They have a lot of meats to choose from and the staff is friendly. You can’t lose.

Photo-Aug-13,-2-21-08-PM Photo-Aug-13,-2-30-54-PM Photo-Aug-13,-2-36-37-PM Photo-Aug-13,-2-39-44-PM Photo-Aug-13,-2-42-26-PM Photo-Aug-13,-2-42-43-PM

Gourdough’s: Flying Pig & Fat Elvis

1503 S 1st St78704 (South Austin)
So-Fi (S. 1st St. District), Bouldin Creek

You know what I like on my donut? Nothing but glaze. Keep it simple. Nothing beats a warm Shipley’s Donut in my opinion. So when I decided to try out this spot, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it because it would be overdoing a simple food. Finding it wasn’t too hard. They have recently relocated, so make sure you’re at the new place and not the old. They are in a small little area with two other food trucks/trailers. Parking isn’t too bad, although it was packed when we got there. Not sure if it was a busy time or it’s just always like that. Although it seemed like maybe it shared the lot with the building next door too. They have some picnic tables outside, and although the truck next to them had some umbrellas to protect from the sun, Gourdough’s didn’t. Luckily for us we had the shade of a nearby tree to help us out at this particular time of day.

I liked the variety of the menu. Seems like they have something for everyone. Only a few peaked my interest, but none like The Flying Pig. Bacon and maple syrup icing? Yes please! It did not disappoint. Just like letting the syrup run into your Bacon during breakfast, it had that same beautiful taste. It was a bit more thick because it was icing, and to be honest I think the syrup alone would have been great, it was still a good donut. Pretty filling for one donut. Probably could have eaten another one, if I had some milk. My wife tried the Fat Elvis and she gave me a bite to try it out. Bacon, bananas, peanut butter icing and honey. Also pretty tasty, except I’m not a fan of adding bananas. I love eating bananas but just by themselves. Still a tasty treat if you’re into this Elvis mix.

Overall it was a cool place. Nice experience. The staff was nice and helpful. At one point the lady at the window left somewhere and there was no one to take any orders even though there was someone in the back doing something. But that could have been a rare occasion. I wouldn’t mind stopping by again if I was passing through Austin just to try out some of the other donuts. Photo-Aug-13,-10-41-55-AM Photo-Aug-13,-10-42-00-AM Photo-Aug-13,-10-42-59-AM Photo-Aug-13,-10-56-24-AM Photo-Aug-13,-10-56-29-AM Photo-Aug-13,-10-56-40-AM

Momma’s at Sengelmann: Cowboy Burger

531 N Main St
Schulenburg, TX 78956
Phone number (979) 743-2300

Schulenburg, Texas… what a nice little town. Ran a 5K there recently and had the opportunity to check out this spot that had such rave reviews on Yelp. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. This spot had a nice feel to it. A small/old town feel to it, almost like the Old West. Even the bulbs were vintage, very cool. I can only imagine what this place looks like at night or when there’s some LIVE music going.

So we started off with some Fried Pickles and Fried Okra. Now I didn’t eat any of the okra, but they said it was delicious. The Fried Pickles were great. The batter was great and it stuck to the pickles wonderfully. Nothing breaking off or falling apart. Very tasty indeed.

I got myself the Cowboy burger, pretty good size. Talk about full of flavor. The Bacon, onion ring, jalapenos and BBQ sauce all went together perfectly. Every bite was just as good as the previous one. It can get a little messy towards the end, but nothing bad at all. And you know me, I don’t mind getting messy when it comes to food. The fries were a natural cut style and tasty as well. It’s a great plate if you want a good burger to fill you up.

My wife tried out the pizza, which I think was the supreme pizza? Not sure what it’s called on the menu. I’m not a big fan of supreme pizza (I try not to make a salad on my pizza) so I can’t really comment on the taste of it. But the thickness and size were great and she seemed to enjoy it. So I will it at that.

Overall the place was really nice and the service was good. Definitely recommended if you’re passing through or even by. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Photo-Aug-02,-10-44-22-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-10-44-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-10-59-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-27-39-AM Photo-Aug-02,-12-27-28-PM Photo-Aug-02,-12-27-34-PM


Photo-Aug-02,-11-41-25-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-41-40-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-41-36-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-41-31-AM


Photo-Aug-02,-11-42-16-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-44-17-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-44-04-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-42-34-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-42-26-AM


Photo-Aug-02,-11-42-02-AM Photo-Aug-02,-11-41-57-AM


Jane’s Grill: Burrito Bowl

6400 Woodway Drive
Houston, Texas 77057

I have to admit, it is nice having a restaurant on campus. With how busy our schedule can be at times, being able to run across campus to get something is always a plus. Jane’s Grill offers a lot on their menu. On this particular day, I decided to go for the Burrito Bowl. Plenty of food to go around here, so if you’re looking for something filling, this is a good choice. Now, I might add that I haven’t ordered anything off their menu that didn’t fill me up, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Big fried, taco shell. Nice chunks of chicken, corn, tomatoes, beans, cheese, rice and I think maybe some lettuce somewhere in there all topped with some sour cream. All tasty. You will have to do some mixing around as it seems that they packed it in in sections. Not a big deal for me, I don’t mind a little stirring. Everything tasted extremely fresh and lots of flavor. My only problem with this dish is that they give me this tiny cup of dressing. I mean, this bow is pretty big, I’m not sure how they thought I would even get close to covering this thing with the dressing they provided. I guess I should have asked for more, but it’s almost a difference in size that you shouldn’t have to. Other than that, the meal was great! So if you’re around the area, feel free to stop by. Don’t be turned off that it’s in a church, everyone is welcome. Many neighboring business stop by for the eats everyday. Don’t miss out.

Photo-Aug-01,-11-48-50-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-48-58-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-49-03-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-49-12-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-49-19-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-54-12-AM Photo-Aug-01,-11-54-16-AM

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: Gourmet Five Meat Pizza

20536 Katy Freeway
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 769-1850

I have to say I’m a little ashamed that we just got a chance to get around to the new BJ’s out in Katy. We had been excited about it when we first heard it was going up and now here we are just now dragging in.

I’ve always liked BJ’s layout and feel and it was no different here. It’s like they do such a great job at having both a bar feel and a restaurant feel without being tacky or compromising one another. Very clean, very nice spot. I know it’s new but even if it weren’t I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

We started off with some Southwest Eggrolls. Tasty and the added sweet dipping sauce added a different flare to it. I think they could have filled up on the sauce a little more but I’m a sauce type of guy so I’m sure I probably use more than the average person.

Our son has been on a pizza kick lately and we had never tried their pizza and have always heard they were pretty good, so why not. We went with the Gourmet Five Meat pizza. The pizza was good. But as I was probably expecting I could taste those special herbs and spices that standout so much to me. Let’s not forget that I’m the guy that find cilantro very overwhelming. It wasn’t that bad but I could definitely taste it. I’m sure the average person wouldn’t even notice it at all. We went with the 12 inch pizza and it was filling for us three. Also my wife ordered a side of ranch and they brought us a nice sized cup. Quite often we get the tiny half a shot glass sized cups with enough ranch to cover one or two dips and we’re done. So it was refreshing to see a bigger cup brought out. My only beef (no pun intended) with this pizza would be that the cuts were not made all the way through so it was more of tearing off slices. But it’s not like torn slices of pizza taste worse that neatly sliced pizza right?

Overall everything was great. The service was great and the staff seemed happy. Our server was quite attentive and even had a young lady that was cleaning a booth stop was she was doing to go and grab me a booster seat. I was only asking for her to point me to them but she was kind enough to go and grab me one. Customer service is pretty high in my book if you don’t know, and I was satisfied. I will definitely be back to try out some different dishes.

Photo-Jul-30,-7-20-38-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-31-02-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-31-14-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-31-42-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-40-28-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-40-34-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-40-41-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-40-48-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-40-55-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-43-15-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-47-07-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-50-48-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-54-10-PM Photo-Jul-30,-7-57-00-PM

Sonic: Green Apple NERD Slushie

I do get excited about food. It excites me, I’m sorry. But certain foods and treats sometimes make me giddy. Like a schoolboy, giddy. Went to Sonic the other day to buy a shake, cause I was craving one. And as I was pulled in, I saw the back of the menu of the lot next to mine. What did we see? Flavors of slushies, all with Nerds in them. Yes, you read that right. No need to go back and read that line again. Nerds. In a slushie. Why has no one done this before? Or at least, why has no food franchise done this before? I didn’t get one that day, cause I needed a shake in my system, but I went back to another Sonic close to my work place and got me a Green Apple Nerd Slush. It was everything that I was hoping for. Everything. The green apple is already a bit tart and sour, but hey, let’s throw some Nerds in there. More sour! Love it. And it goes great on these HOT days! So drop whatever you’re doing, yes you Mr. Construction worker, and you Ms. Attorney and you Mr. Surgeon. All that you’re working on can wait. Go and get you your favorite flavor and let them rock your world with some Nerds.

Took some photos just so you can see the awesomeness. I could already see the Nerds with the lid on, but I had to pop it to see it even better. How precious the little Nerds look in there. All nice and cold. My co-workers tried to put their drinks in the pic, but they didn’t compare. Get your Vanilla Diet Coke out of here. And that Vanilla Dr. Pepper….. grossness. Who does that? :D No but seriously, people. Get one. Your life will be a little more happier.

Sonic2014_0731_001    Sonic2014_0731_002Sonic2014_0731_003Sonic2014_0731_004Sonic2014_0731_005

Canyon Creek Bar & Frill: Texas Frito Pie & Nacho Dog

6603 Westcott St
Houston, TX 77007
Washington Corridor
(713) 864-5885
Canyon Creek on Yelp.

It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to dedicate to posting on here. It’s not that I haven’t been eating, cause trust me I have. Hopefully I won’t go too long before the next post.

Had a chance to meet my beautiful wife for lunch. We decided on Canyon Creek. She’d been here before but it was for a happy hour with co-workers. Parking is not plentiful here so plan your visit or you’ll be parking down the street, which isn’t horrible cause it’s not right off the main road. Luckily for us this spot is more popular after work hours so when we arrived shortly after 11:30 there were but two other people there. I like the setting. Lots of personality and charm. Lots of art and memorabilia on the walls. Not sure what it is about that kind of stuff but I like it. It adds character to a place when done properly.

So when you come in you order at the bar. They have menus up there and when you decide on what you want, you tell them and then you pay and have a seat. I like the “pay up front” deal cause when I’m done, I can leave and not have to wait for someone to bring my check, pick it up and then return. The one thing I don’t like is if I want another drink I have to pay again. I guess you can start a tab but as someone who really only drinks soft drinks for lunch it seems a bit weird. But that’s not that big of a deal unless there’s a long line at the bar to order.

The food did take a little bit to show, seeing as we were one of the first there and order, but it helps to have good company. At first my plate seemed small but looked really good. I never thought about putting sour cream on my Frito Pie, but I have to admit, it was a pretty tasty addition. The jalapeños were also a nice extra flavor kick. Overall it was a tasty meal and filled me up plenty. One thing that I was worried about when I got the bowl was that all the yummy toppings would run out as I made my way down. But they managed to make sure that there was chili, cheese and sour cream all the way to the last bite. I appreciate that greatly.

Also had a chance to drink some St. Arnold’s Root Beer. Very tasty and flavorful. This was my first time trying this one out. The only thing is that they didn’t have any cold and ready, but gave me a cup with ice. I prefer drinking my root beer cold and from the bottle or can just like my sodas, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

My wife was kind enough to let me get a taste if her plate. She cut a piece off of her hotdog and gave me a nacho chip. Very tasty dog. And very messy so if you don’t like getting dirty when you eat, use the fork provided. The bread is a pretzel bread which was different that I’m used to for a hotdog but still great. The dog itself is thick, plenty of meat to fill the craving. She also let me taste the onion ring that came with it. Not big on onion rings but I have to admit I really like the batter they used. It doesn’t flake off or run. It really stuck to the onion and it didn’t feel like the onion was ready to escape it’s cover after the first couple of bites.

Overall the place was great and I do see myself coming back and trying some of the other intriguing items on their menu. The service was friendly. Check it out if you have some time and around the area. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Heard the after work hours is pretty hopping too.